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In addition to being a frequent contributor to children's magazines such as FACES Magazine for kids, I'm the picture book and board book author of Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop! (Abrams Appleseed). I live in Colorado where I enjoy running, hiking and skiing with my family. I'm a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines, and literacy and parenting blogs. My favorite writing, however, is for children and young adults.

Along with writing for kids, I love teaching at writers' and educators' conferences and as an instructor of Children's Literature at the University of Denver's University College.

I'm a literacy advocate. I'm especially interested the significance of imaginative play in early childhood development. It is incredible how literacy skills in children can be improved by simultaneously incorporating physical motion and as many senses as possible. The visual text and illustrations with the rhythm and cadence of the spoken word and physical motion create stronger cross-brain connections within developing young minds. Not too mention, all this makes reading so much more fun. 


I am an award-winning author and speaker, available for in-person and Skype presentations including:

  • Schools Visits

  • Library Literacy & Summer Programs

  • Writers' Conferences & Workshops

If you have more questions or to schedule me for a presentation, go to my CONTACT page and send me a note.


2016 Finalist

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Regional Advisor


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Faculty - Children's Literature

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Selector & Judge

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