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NINJA, NINJA, NEVER STOP! Board Book Version

Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop!

By Todd Tuell

Illustrated by Tad Carpenter

Abrams Appleseed - 2020

Follow this little ninja as he sneaks up on the family dog, swipes a cookie from his brother, and escapes from Granny’s kiss . . . only to be out-ninja’d by his younger brother’s sneak attack! Young readers will be drawn in by the fast-paced rhymes that parallel the little ninja’s quick moves, and will chant the refrain with glee! This humorous ode to stalking, sneaking, spying, and scheming is sure to be read over and over again, inspiring imaginary play for a new generation of ninjas.

This board book version has been modified from the original to have a more durable materials to suit younger readers.

You can buy the book at most booksellers or online:

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