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Writing as a profession is typically a very solitary endeavor. If I don't need groceries, I might go several days with only the characters of my own creation to talk to.

Author visits, however, allow the very best opportunity to do what I like best as a writer - interact with my readers and see first hand, their reactions to my stories.

Many kids end us giving me a haiku they've written after an activity we do during the visit. Some teachers take the opportunity to have each kid practice writing a thank you letter as part of a lesson that extends from the author visit. I learn every time I speak just how much of an impact author visits can have on students.

I recently found an accordion-style file folder full of these pictures, poems and notes. Because of these students' efforts and kind words (sometimes hilarious), I'd like share them with you in a series of upcoming postings.

Here is our first, a thank you note from Ina. Inside, she wrote:

Dear Mr. Tuell

thank you for coming

to Read to us. and I

Liked doing a Brain

Brake with you. And it

was also fun doing

writing with you on


from Ina

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