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When I approach an elementary school teacher, librarian or administrator with a proposal to come speak to students, most understand the benefits without explanation. But others ask directly what tangible significance can a teacher for parent expect to see in these young students.

I think Monica Fuglei, adjunct faculty member at Arapahoe Community College boils it down nicely in her blog post on the Resilient Educator saying, "The impression an author can make on the students is lasting and important. Classroom author visits make writing seem possible and accessible and increases students’ interest in the books, particularly when there is schoolwide excitement and preparation for such meetings."

For something measurable, how about this? I've had more than one school librarian note that books checked out in the month following an author's visit can increase as much as 50% from the normal levels for the classrooms visited.

Books in young readers hands. That's what we're all hoping for!

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